Cowgirl Costumes


Halloween is right around the corner and with it comes costumes! From sexy, to hokey, to controversial, costumes come in a very wide variety.  We’ve put together a collection of some of the cowgirl and western-themed costumes floating around the internet this year. Some are better than others. . . 


Pretty hokey, but we like the cow print touches and the red cowboy sash. It’s definitely a little different than your average cowgirl costume.

Women’s Wild Wild West Cowgirl Costume, $54.99,


Saloon Girl Costume, $49.99,


The red checkered print and faux suede are pretty darn cute combo! Not so sure about those platform boots though…

Wild West Cowgirl Costume, $29.99,


Planet Pop Sugar Cowgirl Costume, $14.99,


This is probably the most realistic looking cowgirl costume we’ve seen available to buy. The chaps are pretty realistic looking and she has jeans on. We also like the button up blouse and cowhide vest. We give this one a 10!

Cowgirl Chaps Costume, $34.99,


Cantina Girl Costume, $39.99,


This little buckaroo cowgirl costume is pretty sweet.  The polka dot red top is adorable and we love the lasso accessory.

Girls Gunslinger Costume, $34.99,


Sweetheart Cowgirl Costume, $19.99,


This one is definitely a little more on the sexy side but we like that it has a lawman twist on it. The mini black duster is pretty awesome and she’s wearing real boots!

Round ’em Up Cowgirl Costume, $49.99,


Whiskey Girl Costume, $49.99,


This one is by far a favorite.  It captures the old fashioned rodeo gals of the early 1900’s while also channeling a little Annie Oakley feel. We love the buttons lining the skirt, and the top is retro and fun!

Adult Rodeo Cowgirl Costume, $39.99,


Saloon Madame Costume, $54.99,


We’re not sure if she’s a cowgirl or a waitress from a 1950’s diner… but it’s a pretty cute costume none-the-less. The hat is very realistic looking in shape and the rhinestones on the hat and horseshoe belt make it a little more glam than the others. Not very realistic but cute and fun for sure!

Adult Rhinestone Cowgirl, $39.99,


Toy Story Jessie Costume, $54.99,


Giddy Up Cowgirl Costume, $39.99,


Annie Oakley Costume, $29.99,

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