Every Little Girl’s Dream Barn


Most little girls dream of having a pony of their own! Of course, every pony needs a barn. This mom took her daughters’ dreams to the next level with a pretty in pink horse barn. @linelaagasken created a pink paradise with gorgeous stalls and a cozy loft space. You won’t believe how cool this barn is till you see it.

Pink Barn Tour

This barn took on a remodel! @linelaagasken and her family picked up some pink paint and got to work. They even added some pink stable supplies like a pitchfork. These little girls sure are lucky!

Some of the stall fronts have openings for the little girls’ ponies to put their heads through. They can see all the action.

A matching saddle pad and helmet can be seen on a hay bale. These girls must love this Barbie color.

Check out a tour of the stable…

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a dreamy loft space. @linelaagasken’s daughters have a sleeping suite above their ponies. It’s complete with horsey bedding and some simple decor. They also have a storage space surrounded by a white picket fence.

What a truly cool and unique barn, especially if you love pink!

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