Eyebrow Raising Debate: How bold is too bold?


It’s no secret that bolder and thicker eyebrows are in. The days where thin brows were all the rage and over-plucking was the way to be. Lately, it’s all about embracing the bold brow. Why the change? you may ask. Because a bold or thick brow gives your face a more fresh, bright-eyed, and youthful look. But has this trend created brows that are a little too thick? Nobody wants caterpillar eyebrows.

Find out how to hop on the bold brow wagon without overdoing it.

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Find Your Perfect Shape 

If your eyebrows lack shape or that bold arch you’ve always pined over, it’s best to start here. Go to a salon or the Benefit Brow Bar where they will help you find your perfect shape and even show you how to grow your eyebrows out to create it or use products to give you that shape.

Use Tweezers Accordingly

Whether you’re growing out your eyebrows or touching them up, it’s best to leave the shaping to the professionals. Only pluck outside of your eyebrow shape, but make sure to keep them clean. If you go too long without plucking or waxing, your eyebrows will take on a life of their own and start growing in places you definitely don’t want them to.

Go Easy On the Eyebrow Product

There’s a plethora of beauty products out there that will give you a bold brow so it’s easy to get caught up in all of it. Between the eyebrow gel, pencil and even eyeshadow for your brows, it’s easy to overdue them. Keep it simple. Find what products give your eyebrows shape without looking like Ernie from Sesame Street.

Touch Up Monthly

In order to keep your eyebrows looking fresh and clean, try to get them waxed, threaded or plucked every month to month and a half. This is ideal to keep your shape looking tame, and keeping your brows at the exact shape you want them.

Creating Your Perfect Eyebrow

If your eyebrows are naturally thin and you want to fill them in so they look as natural as possible, make sure you have the right color of pencil or shadow to start with. A brown color that’s close to your hair color is ideal. This tutorial from the Stylish Board will get you there in just ten steps.

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