5 Fun Facts About Falabella Horses


It doesn’t get more cute than the Falabella. This unique horse breed is known for their tiny size. They can be found across the Americas and Europe. These striking horses have a fascinating history and story to tell!

Facts About Falabella Horses

  1. They’re classified as miniature horses, and not to be confused with ponies. Most of them are between 28 and 34 inches tall. They weight roughly 70 pounds, which is similar to a large dog!
  2. Within the United States, most of them come from 12 stallions. This is because the breed wasn’t introduced to the US until 1962.
  3. They come in many colors and patterns. The most common are shades of black and bay, though many are spotted or pintos.
  4. Most are kept as pets or in-hand show horses. Some can be taught to pull carts. Falabella horses are usually too small to be ridden, though young children may be able to.
  5. This breed was originally developed in Argentina. They came from the local Criollo stock. Later on, Juan Falabella introduced Welsh pony, Shetland pony, and Thoroughbred bloodlines.

Hopefully, you enjoyed learning about this small breed of horse! You can read more about them at the Falabella Miniature Horse Association (FMHA).

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