Straight From The Dallas Market: Miss Macie Boots


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Ladies, I am STILL sifting through all of the absolutely awesome finds I had at Dallas Market. The Miss Macie Boots booth definitely did not disappoint! Their boots and booties are so original and each and every one has its own fun little twist!

If it’s good enough for Miss Rodeo USA, it’s good enough for me! These red On the Fringe booties can add a touch of flair to any outfit and still keep it classy at the same time.

I’m simply in love with the Martina boot. I love the fact that the colors are all neutral tones and will match absolutely anything! However, just because it’s all neutral doesn’t mean you’ll blend in! The detail is absolutely stunning and something that is impossible to overlook.

How clever is this? Not only is it an absolutely adorable boot, it’s actually TWO! You get two completely different looks all rolled up into one!

These beauties are worth drooling over. The Singing Brook is such a versatile little shoe!

I LOVE the vintage look that comes with these! They have that 1920’s feel but the cutouts give it a modern-day gypsy flair! What more could a cowgirl want?

Ladies I do believe I have hit the mother load with these! Stand out in the crowd, make a statement and wear something to make you feel like the sassiest version of yourself!

Dallas Market was just a little taste of what the Miss Macie team has going on, and I can promise y’all won’t be disappointed! Click here to shop more Miss Macie Boots.

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