10 Fun Facts About Palomino Horses


A favorite by many, palomino horses are known as golden beauties. Their coat color glistens like the sun, while their blonde manes are a beautiful contrast. You can find them all across the world at horse shows, on trail rides, and grazing in fields. While the color isn’t considered rare, it sure does stand out! If you’re a fan of palominos, then you’ll love these fun facts!

1. Palomino is not a breed.

When someone refers to a palomino, they are describing the coat color. There are a ton of different breeds that possess this golden hue.

2. Many are actually Quarter Horses.

Up to 50% of registered palominos are Quarter Horses. Other breeds include Thoroughbreds, Tennessee Walking Horses, Miniature Horses, and many more!

3. There are a variety of shades.

While their coat is always a gold-like color, the tone and shade may vary. Some are pale and others are a bright, brassy color. Even the tail and mane can have slight variance from stark white to slightly gold.


4. You can get a palomino through careful breeding.

You have a 100% chance of getting one of these golden beauties when you breed a cremello with a chestnut. However, if you breed a palomino with another one, you only have a 50% chance of getting this color.

5. Some breeds may fool you!

Careful, not all golden horses are actually palominos. For example, the Haflinger does not have a cream gene. They may have golden coats and white manes, but they’re technically chestnut horses.

6. Two genes make up this color.

In order to create a palomino, you need a base chestnut color and a cream dilution gene.

7. The Palomino Horse Association takes everyone.

The club isn’t limited to certain breeds or bloodlines. If the horse meets the color requirements and doesn’t have any white markings (besides on the face or below their knees), then they are eligible.

8. They change with the seasons.

These horses may look completely different in the summer verses winter. The shade and tone of their coat can change dramatically.


9. Mr. Ed had this beautiful color.

The famous 1960s comedy show featured a talking palomino horse.

10. They were favored by royalty.

Queen Isabella of Spain was said to have over 100 palominos. Commoners were forbidden from owning them!

Wow! There’s so many neat facts about these golden horses.

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