Music On Mondays: Picks Of The Week 8/10/20


Caylee Hammack’s “Forged In The Fire”

Caylee Hammack’s father always told her “the most beautiful things are forged in fire.” And throughout her life, that simple statement has rung true. Building on her dad’s thoughtful words, Caylee’s new single, “Forged In The Fire,” chronicles her life and all the mountains she has climbed. Including a literal fire in which she lost many of her possessions. 

The upbeat journey song, co-written with Thomas Finchum and Andy Skib, shows a vivid look at Caylee’s journey, her triumph and her passions. Caylee has also had a busy year. She has been deuting with both Alan Jackson and Reba McEntire.

Caylee Hammack’s debut album, If It Wasn’t For You, is set to premiere August 14th and will include “Forged In Fire” as well as 12 other tracks.

Kris Delmhorst’s Releases “Horses In The Sky” & Official Video

Kris Delmmhorst’s new release, “Horses In The Sky,” comes off of her eight album, Long Day In The Milkyway. The song is a much-needed encouragement to see the beauty and wonder in this sad and frightening world. Not too long after writing it, a friend of hers took his own life, and the next time she sang it on stage she realized it’s about hope – finding hope in hopelessness. 

No only has Kris given us this sneak peek at her new album, she also released the official video for “Horses In The Sky.” The beautifully artistic video brings a simplistic intimacy to the soulful and emotional song. 

The album Long Day In The Milkyway is set to release on August 14. 

Long Day In The Milky Way Track Listing

  1. Wind’s Gonna Find a Way 
  2. Golden Crown 
  3. Hanging Garden 
  4. Secret Girl 
  5. Horses in the Sky 
  6. Skyscraper 
  7. The Horses (Rickie Lee Jones Cover)
  8. Flower of Forgiveness 
  9. Nothing ‘Bout Nothing 
  10. Crow Flies 
  11. Bless Your Little Heart 
  12. Call Off the Dogs

Bri Fletcher’s “Therapy” (Acoustic)

Bri Fletcher’s new single “Therapy” is beautifully raw. The song, written by Fletcher, Wes Strunk and Nate Alan, the song shows off Bri’s vocal talents.  

Bri caught up with Celeb Secrets Country and said this about her new single: “It was a very weird day when we went to the writing session. I literally had no idea what I wanted to write about. My mind was a little bit foggy so we sat down, me, Nate Allen, and Wes Strung and we were just brain storming ideas and he was like, ‘Well what’s going on in your life?’ And I was like, ‘You know to be honest, I just feel like every time I have a conversation with like a friend or something, it just feels very one sided and I feel like I’m their therapist.’ And he said, ‘That’s it. Let’s write that song.’ So we did. It’s super relabeled and the people I’ve showed it to were like “Wow I’ve never thought about that but I definitely feel that a lot.” 

Bri also has another 2020 single, “Stay The Same” out now. Listen to Bri wherever you stream music. 

Stephanie Nash’s “Best Side Of Me”

music on mondays stephanie nash cowgirl magazine

Stephanie Nash. Photo courtesy Stephanie Nash music on Facebook,

Stephanie Nash’s new release “Best Side Of Me” is an all American anthem. The central California girl adds a rock flare back in to female country. 

Stephanie has also recently been working on her new song, “Time Changes” and the Time Changes Scholarship. “Arming and songwriting have become such a gift to me, especially through these past 5 years. So much change has happened as we watch regulations rise and prices of worth to our crops decrease. So many farms have lost, been sold to investors, and taken from families who love nothing more than to farm. “Time Changes” is a song of a hope, a message to our communities to support farmers and thank farmers for everything they do!”

Stephanie will have you rocking along to country music again. Stephanie Nash’s music is available wherever you listen. 


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