Podcasts For Cowgirl Competitors


Whether the long hours are from hauling from rodeo to rodeo or from working, podcasts are a cowgirl’s new best friend! They are a great way to expand your knowledge, improve your mindset, and help the time go by quicker! 

The Converse Cowboy

A podcast led by Mike Roberts diving into “Show Focus: Mindset, Philosophy, Performance & Living the Western Lifestyle.” The show includes guests from all aspects of performance from country artists to performance horse trainers to coaches. Mike Roberts asks each guest the perfect hard-hitting questions, specific to each. It is a very motivating podcast to listen to while you’re on the road! 

Cowhorse Full Contact 

Hosted by Chris Dawson and Russell Dilday, this podcast delves into all aspects of “cowhorsin’!” The podcast includes episodes with big-name cow horse trainers and showman from Erin Taormino to Matt Koch to upcoming star, Trail Townsend. On episodes without guests, they will discuss the ins and outs of NRCHA or give training tips. The hosts themselves are no strangers to the cow horse world. Both with numerous titles and awards under their belts, they know how to explain for the audience to understand. I, personally, feel as though I am in the room with them, laughing with them! 

Barrel Racing Tips Podcast 

Don’t let the name fool you, this podcast is beneficial for all cowgirls! Yes, there is a focus on barrel racing, but the episodes go over everything from finding the perfect mental warm-up for a run to how to live on the road to balancing horses and life. With her numerous anecdotes and stories, she is relatable and hilarious! 

The Cutting Edge Podcast 

The podcast explains, “The Cutting Edge sits down with heavy hitters, up-and-comers, haulers, lopers and everything in between to bring you stories from the arena floor. We are going to keep you up-to-date on happenings in the industry, results from major events and what’s going on in the race to the NCHA world finals.” You can see all aspects of what it takes to get to the arena with this podcast

Along for the Ride with Andrea Fappani 

The host, Andrea Fappani, is a world champion rider (youngest NRHA Million Dollar Rider) with numerous awards and other titles under his belt (you may have recognized him from the tv show, The Last Cowboy). In his podcast, he talks to all those careers involved in the horse industry from breeders to farriers to veterinarians. “Mostly Andrea is interested in listening and learning how others approach excellence and mastery in whatever that interest, business or passion is..” describes the podcast

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