This Painting of an Indian Chief by German Lemus Will Take Your Breath Away


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Indian Chief by German Lemus, photo and framing courtesy, Frames Etc.

I was at Frames Etc. in Stephenville, Texas and fell absolutely in love with this piece when I saw it. Turns out, the young lady that had it framed received it as a Christmas gift from her parents. It was painted specifically for her.

As beautiful and interesting as this painting is, our artist has quite the storybook as well. Here’s little bit about the man that painted this young lady’s prized possession:

“German Lemus, not to be confused with the ethnicity of Germany. Is pronounced like Jermaine but to make it easier, these days he is going by Lemus. A moderate and humble soul, Lemus is an artist of strength and awareness also an inspiration to his community. Seeker of truth, an infallible finder of life, Lemus has learned that accepting one’s Artistry uplifts the soul and eliminates the weight to one self. Such an innate understanding of this truth can be the first most valuable virtue we should all be inspired to attain – dedication to one’s own consciousness.

Originating from Honduras, to Miami, Clearwater, Lemus now calls Orlando home. Arriving to the U.S. Lemus struggled with the English language but would soon find a way to figure it all out through Visual Art. Lemus solidifies his foundation to the arts from High School in Miami and gives credit of his work ethic from being enlisted in the Army. Comedic sketches of drill sergeants and superiors evolved into murals, paintings and t-shirt designs. This would replace physical training exercises immediately.

After serving the military, he became an art tutor in a program called “Soldiers to Scholars” where he fell in love with mentoring children. He later enrolled in community college where he had formal education in multimedia design and visual arts – attaining years of practical art skills in a condensed period of time. In college, he found the artistic style of Impressionism. At this point, Lemus absorbed the confidence he found in the Impressionist movement, combined it with the urban influence of his youth and furthered his technique.

Lemus is also 1 of 7 founding members of The B-Side Artists. “City kids turned young adult, dedicated to appreciating and expressing the beauty found amongst gum-covered sidewalks and sticker-adorned light posts through art,” says Lemus.

He has currently displayed in several local events throughout Florida as well as in fine art galleries such as City Arts Factory of Orlando, Artopia in Miami, the Cafe Tu Tu Tango franchise, NV Art Bar, the ‘More Than Sunshine’ collective, Orlando Museum of Art, Universal Studios, True Serenity. He has won several contests including,  a Red Bull contest in 2014, an Artlando contest held by Orlando Weekly in 2014, and the Big Eye Mural contest in 2014. He is also featured in other exhibits throughout central Florida. His Brink Nightclub mural is located in the heart of downtown.” (source:

Want your own custom piece? Check out more of Lemus’ work and contact him directly at

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