Let’s Take A Moment To Admire The WNFR 2017 Bucking Horses And Bulls


WNFR 2018 Bucking Horses Bulls Rough Stock Cowgirl Magazine

The cowboys who compete at the WNFR receive a lot of attention, but what about the rough stock that make those high scores possible? The bucking horses and bulls are the heart of the rodeo, and the stock contractors who supply them are the people who make it all happen.

The 105 bareback horses, 105 saddle bronc horses, and 100 bulls that make up the 2017 Wrangler NFR Stock Roster are the best in the business.

Check out some of the top broncs and bulls in action.

Risky Business, owned by Brookman Rodeo.

South Point, owned by Sutton Rodeo.

J Lazy, owned by Rafter G Rodeos.

Mortimer, owned by Big Stone Rodeo Inc.

Pony Man, owned by Stace Smith Pro Rodeos.

Stock contractors for WNFR 2018:

4L & Diamond S Rodeo
Andrews Rodeo
Bar T Rodeo
Barnes PCRA Rodeo
Beutler & Son Rodeo
Big Bend Rodeo
Big Rafter Rodeo
Big Stone Rodeo Inc.
Bridwell Pro Rodeos
Brookman Rodeo
Burch Rodeo
C5 Rodeo
Calgary Stampede
Cervi Championship Rodeo
Championship Pro Rodeo
Corey & Lange Rodeo
D&H Cattle
Dakota Rodeo
Diamond G Rodeo
Flying U Rodeo
Flying Five Rodeo
Four Star Rodeo
Franklin Rodeo
Frontier Rodeo
Harry Vold Rodeo
Hi Lo ProRodeo
Honeycutt Rodeo
Hurst Pro Rodeo
J Bar J
JK Rodeo
Kesler Championship Rodeo
Kesler Rodeo
Korkow Rodeo
Lancaster & Jones Pro Rodeo
Mo Betta Rodeo
New Frontier Rodeo
New West Rodeo Productions
Northcott Macza
Outlawbuckers Rodeo
Pete Carr Pro Rodeo
Pete Carr’s Classic Pro Rodeo
Pickett Pro Rodeo
Powder River Rodeo
Rafter G Rodeos
Rafter H Rodeo Livestock
Rocky Mountain Rodeo
Rosser Rodeo
Salt River Rodeo
Sankey Pro Rodeo & Robinson Bulls
Silver Creek Rodeo
Smith Harper Morgan
Stace Smith Pro Rodeos
Summit Pro Rodeo
Sutton Rodeo
The Cervi Brothers Rodeo
Three Hills Rodeo
United Pro Rodeo
Universal Pro Rodeo
Wayne Vold Rodeo

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