10 Things Horses Would Say If They Could Talk


If given the chance, I bet your horse would have a lot to say!   If horses could speak our language… what would they say? Sure, if you read their expressions and behaviors you can learn a lot about their feelings, but it’s not quite the same as having a conversation with them. I wonder the words they’d pick and the tone they’d use!

Get ready to laugh because I can only imagine what would come out of their lips…

1. “I prefer the caked on mud look. You know.. ruggedly handsome. There’s really no need to brush me.”

2. “Just turn around and take that saddle right back to the tack room. I’d prefer to hang out in the field in peace today.”

3. “Squeeze that girth one more hole… I’m warning you!”

4. “Okay lady, where are the carrots? What pocket? I can smell them on you.”

5. “OMG, I don’t know what that plastic bag is doing there, but I can promise you it will eat us if we get too close. Now run!”

6. “Mom, seriously… I’m not cold. I really don’t need that blanket.”

7. “Dinner time!!! Hurry up, hurry up! I’m starving. You heard me… I’m withering away and need food ASAP.”

8. “It was awful. Biscuit wouldn’t let me eat. He’s such a hog! I tried to come up to the hay feeder and he KICKED ME. Can you believe this?!?”

9. “Ohhhh, it hurts so bad! I can’t walk. I may just die. I know it doesn’t look too awful, but it is! We should probably skip riding today.”

10. “Don’t take my best friend away! No, please. Don’t do it. I’m freaking out here. Bring her back! Now, right now! I can’t be alone.”

Horses have unique personalities that make you want LOL. What would your horse say to you if they could speak our language?

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