Who Knew Boots Are Better Than A Bubble Bath?!


Who knew boots are better than a bubble bath?! Lane Boots, that is! A lot of people don’t realize what all can go into producing one single shot. This one has a lot of work behind it and turned out pretty dang cool!

“I wish y’all could see the BTS on this shot.. Krystal Hollon shoved against the sink holding lighting equipment, Nichole standing on the toilet in a very small space holding her big expensive camera, me crawling around on the floor under lighting equipment placing and moving boots and Whitney Leigh St. John laying there so uncomfortably looking like an angel with boots in all sorts of places… but let me tell y’all, it was so worth it😍🙌🏼-Gabbie Sullivan, Gab Be Real Creatives


“This shot took us (no joke) like 1.5 hours to set up! Whitney Leigh St. John was an ANGEL for sitting still and patient in our tub of Lane Boots.

“I have to say, this shot was a tiny bit of an “AHA!” moment for me and one that I’m so proud of our team for pulling off. Years ago we had just been brainstorming ideal marketing/social concepts and had adjourned. After the meeting, everyone returned to their desks and my soul pleaded with me to dig deeper and deeper into what would I really do if I was gifted the opportunity to just have every damn boot I ever wanted?! Well, what would I do?? I’d frickin’ bathe in them!!!! I jumped up from my desk and exclaimed (in a corporate setting I should add) that as soon as the stars allowed it, I wanted a bathtub shot with a BABE in it with big hair and SWIMMING in boots!!! Boots everywhere!! Boots in the tub!!! Boots on her!! Boots billowing out of the tub!!!

“As my coworkers blinked at me wondering if coffee was all I had that morning and I stood there catching my breath, I hastily jotted down in my idea book. After the BEST shoot we have done yet, here’s our baby. I’m so proud!!!” -Krystal Hollon, Head of Design, Lane Boots

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Head of Design, Lane Boots: Krystal Hollon
Stylish/Social Manager, Gab Be Real Creatives: Gabbie Sullivan
Photographer: Nichole Myer
Model: Whitney St. John

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