These Braided Manes Are The Envy Of All


Anyone that has been to a show knows the importance of a well-braided mane. It can make or break your horse’s appearance. These braiders went above and beyond to impress. Their horses look spectacular with their well-done hair. Take a peek!

How cool is this one! Its got a unique twist to it.

I love the addition of the pearls. It makes the horse look so prim and proper.

Lots of mane? Check out this braid job then! It’s perfect for those with thick hair.

Just amazing! The little gems really give this horse an elegant look.

Wow! This seems incredibly hard to do. This braider is very talented!

Why not add some color to your horse’s hair? This design is perfect for long manes, as well.

If you’re obsessed with thick, full manes, then check out: Got Hair? These Horses Have More Than Enough! Those horses are beautiful!

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