Get A Luxurious Mane With Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is the solution to your horse’s thin and dull mane. With regular use, it’ll make their hair lush, shiny, and long. Your horse can finally have the mane and tail of your dreams. This oil conditions and moisturizers for healthy hair. It can also be used as a wound ointment and weight supplement!

The Benefits of Coconut Oil

  • Because it has fatty acids, coconut oil is able to repair individual strands of hair. Your horse’s rough mane will become smooth and silky to the touch with consistent use.
  • The hair will be evidently shiny.
  • Your horse will experience less hair loss. Over time, you’ll notice a thicker mane and tail.
coconut oil cowgirl magazine

How to Use It

The key to using coconut oil in your horse’s hair is to apply a generous amount. You’ll want to work it into every strand for six days in a row. Make sure you coat the entire length of the hair. After each application, leave the oil in the hair to be absorbed. On day seven, wash your horse’s mane and tail with a good shampoo.

Coconut oil is readily available at grocery stores. It’s affordable and lasts a while. If you don’t use it at your barn, then you need to start!

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