5 Secrets About Mister Ed, The Talking Horse!


The American sitcom series, Mister Ed, received a lot of attention when it aired from 1961 to 1966. The show famously featured a talking horse. You guessed it, his name was Mister Ed. This palomino beauty made viewers laugh hysterically with his witty comments. Audiences often have a lot of questions about this famous horse. Here’s the top five secrets:

1) Mister Ed was actually Bamboo Harvester, an American Saddlebred/ Arabian cross, in real life. He was a gelding who lived for roughly 21 years. When Bamboo passed away two years after the film, a second palomino horse was used for press kits.

2) At first, a string was used to get Mister Ed to move his lips. Over time, his trainer got him to wiggle his lips whenever his hoof was touched.

3) Apparently, Mister Ed would walk off the set when he was done filming for the day.

4) His trainer was Les Hilton, a student of Will Rogers. They had a close connection, and the palomino would perform his best when the trainer was on set.

5) Co-actor Alan Young had to dye his hair a shade darker because it blended in too well with the golden color of Mister Ed. All the episodes were filmed in black and white making the shades match too well.

This classic TV show is still a must watch for any horse lover. You can find the series now on DVD. You’ll be singing: A horse is a horse, of course, of course…

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