Paige Murray’s Advice On Matching With Your Daughter


Paige Murray and her daughter, Oakley, have had some majorly cute matching moments, from rodeos to to brunch with the girls (we love seeing all their looks on Instagram). Undoubtedly, there are plenty of Western mothers out there want to know the secret to twinning with their mini-me’s, so we just had to ask Paige Murray’s advice on how she goes about matching with her little cowgirl.

Believe it or not, she doesn’t often get matching sets.

“Don’t try too hard or make it something stressful,” says Paige. “I have rarely bought us matching outfits. I just buy cute clothes I like for her or myself and I usually have something in my closet that I can color-coordinate if I feel like matching that day!”

Another gold nugget from Paige Murray’s advice? Use accessories!

“Keep it simple and match accessories,”  she says. “We both have a pair of red cowgirl boots, jeans, and simple tops I can put together for us to match.”

paige and oakley cowgirl magazine

Paige and Oakley in their red cowgirl boots. Photo courtesy Paige Murray.

Despite not regularly buying matching sets, she does admit to picking up some irresistible styles in Mexico.

“I did find a cute embroidered Spanish dress in Mexico where they had both of our sizes & bought us each one! That’s fun!” she says.

paige murray's advice matching cowgirl magazine

Paige and Oakley in their Spanish dresses. Photo courtesy Paige Murray.

Mrs. Murray also revealed the origin of their mommy-and-me matching chinks:

matching chinks cowgirl magazine

Paige and Oakley in their matching chinks. Photo courtesy Paige Murray.

“When I was pregnant Ty, his parents and I made matching chinks for Oakley and I in Papa’s leather shop. It’s something she can treasure forever. Our shirts are Katy Jade designs and she did the artwork. I love unique, handmade pieces.”

paige and oakley in their chinks cowgirl magazine

Photo courtesy Paige Murray.

As far as brands she shops for herself and Oakley, Paige shops just like any mom! “I love Free People and I shop at Target or Carter’s mostly for Oakley.”

For matching denim, she recommends the brand behind #LongLiveCowboys. “Wrangler also has super cute denim for both of us,” says Paige. “I’d rather buy us practical outfits we both can wear daily and then figure out what matches.”

When asked about her go-to piece to match in, she admits to leaning retro. “I love matching our 70’s style bell bottoms,” she says.

paige murray's advice matching cowgirl magazine

The Murray family: Paige, Oakley, and Ty. Photo courtesy Paige Murray.

And, of course, we had to see what looks have been her favorites so far.”Our Spanish dress or red bell bottoms!” she gushes.

These girls love their bell bottoms!

Paige and Oakley aren’t the only cowgirls who love to match; Shea Durfey and her two daughters really got into it at the 2019 Wrangler NFR!

Take a page our of Paige Murray’s advice book and try matching with your tiny cowgirl. You won’t regret it.

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