The Transformation Of A $25 Auction Horse


Everyone loves a good transformation story! Not every horse has a fortunate life. Some end up in bad situations and undesirable auctions. It takes someone giving them a chance to see their true potential and beauty. One cowgirl did just that will a young filly. This feral youngster found herself at an auction with no bids or interest. Luckily, her journey took a positive turn.

The $25 Auction Filly

The Clever Cowgirl has a YouTube channel where she shares her experiences with auction horses and wild mustangs. Some of the horses she purchases have had a rough past. She gives them a second chance.

This particular story is about a rescued filly named Scarlet. This young horse was at an auction and have no interest. No one wanted an unhandled youngster. The Clever Cowgirl managed to purchase her for a measly $25.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing from there though. This poor filly suffered some health issues that set her training back. On top of that, she seemed to be easily frightened and very anxious about being handled.

Check out her transformation story!

Wow! With love, patience, and proper care, this filly looks incredible. What a big difference- from auction filly to beautiful yearling!

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